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            Carrier Advantage Program

            Carriers / Carrier Advantage Program

            Rewarding carriers who go the extra mile

            Improve your cash flow and keep your trucks moving with our Carrier Advantage™ Program. Through the program, you can access the freight you want earlier, get fuel savings of up to 28 cents per gallon, and receive discounts on our QuickPay options. Not to mention, a dedicated representative who knows your business.

            Working together, we can find freight for your equipment and keep you moving.

            “For us, having priority on loads that are more convenient for our trucks is huge. This allows us to plan ahead and make better use of each driver’s hours of service, which results in more efficient use of our fleet.”
            –Perla Vidaurri, General Manager, Trancasa

            Top 5 benefits of the Carrier Advantage Program

            With earlier access to freight and added time to adequately plan for loads, we reward contract carriers who go the extra mile when hauling for C.H. Robinson.

            • Earlier access to freight
            • Fuel card discount and payment options
            • Instant and secure cash advance to card
            • Dedicated carrier representative
            • Contractual freight opportunities

            Carrier Advantage Program tiers

            Within the Carrier Advantage Program, we’ve organized all contract carriers into three distinct tiers based on service levels.

            Benefit Base Core Key
            Earlier access to freight Earlier Earliest
            Dedicated account manager(s)
            Fuel discount $0.20/gal $0.25/gal $0.28/gal
            Up to 60% online cash advance
            QuickPay 2.0% 1.75% 1.5%
            Navisphere Carrier
            Contractual freight opportunities
            Make web offers

            Apply for a Carrier Advantage debit fuel card

            • Earn a discount of up to 28 cents/gallon*
            • Apply fuel discount at any TA Petro and TA Express locations in the United States**
            • Use card as payment method anywhere MasterCard® is accepted
            • Transfer payables directly to your card, free of charge
            • One step application: apply now
            Learn more

            Carrier Advantage service requirements

            All C.H. Robinson contract carriers are automatically enrolled in the program, but your tier is up to you and your commitment to regular, reliable service. Contract carriers are benchmarked in two service areas—automated updates and on time performance. An overall service score determines the company’s tier within the program. All statuses are reviewed monthly beginning in May, log in to Navisphere Carrier to learn more.

            Service requirements are subject to change.

            Still have questions about our Carrier Advantage Program?

            Visit our FAQ page

            Call your representative. Don't have one yet? Call us at 1-800-326-9977.

            *Fuel discount is based on your current status within the Carrier Advantage Program ranging from 20-28 cents.
            **Carrier Advantage card is a part of the EFS network. All discounts apply.

            MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard or its subsidiaries.